TRACKS: Arca releases single from upcoming album “Xen”


Arca recently announced details of his highly anticipated debut album, “Xen”(out November 4th, 2014 on Mute), while at the same time debuting brand new track Thievery. Today, the 24-year-old Venezuelan producer reveals the stunning video that accompanies Thievery, created by long-time visual collaborator Jesse Kanda. The pair have had a unique creative relationship since first meeting, at age 14, on an online artists community, culminating most recently with works such as their TRAUMA series, Arca’s &&&&& mixtape, and collaborations with FKA twigs (including on her breakout Water Me which Arca produced and Jesse directed the video for). Kanda has also designed all the artwork and accompanying imagery for the “Xen” album.

Together the pair have created Xen, the star of the Thievery video. While Xen is an album of mercurial forms, fluxing unpredictably from smooth to spiked to sweet, Xen is also a girl whose skin ripples and twists as she dances. Arca is Alejandro Ghersi, who, in turn, is also Xen: a meta-modern self-projection, embodying a side of Arca that had previously been hidden by a producer who’s so far remained one of the most intriguing enigmas in recent electronic music.

“Xen” Tracklist:

1. Now You Know
2. Held Apart
3. Xen
4. Sad Bitch
5. Sisters
6. Slit Thru
7. Failed
8. Family Violence
9. Thievery
10. Lonely Thugg
11. Fish
12. Wound
13. Bullet Chained
14. Tongue
15. Promise




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