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The final weekend of Guvernment Nightclub is finally upon us. After 18 years of being one of the hottest clubs and putting Toronto on the map for electronic music, it’s going to be an emotional roller coaster and Ink Entertainment insists that they will not go out quietly.

If you are attending for your very first time or your last time, I have some tips and tricks that will help your night at the Guv Finale go a lot smoother and hopefully help you have a night you’ll never forget!

1. Sleep a lot the day of the event

This may seem like common sense, but I cannot express how many times a wave of tiredness has hit me at an event when the hour strikes 3 in the morning and there’s still a long way to go in a Dj’s set. Rework your body’s sleep schedule so that you can keep going all night, especially one last time.

2. Get there early

Try to get there right for when the doors open. Waiting in line in the cold can be a huge buzz kill, and you’ll be tempted by bouncers to pay your way to skip the line, which is rarely worth it. Save your money, skip the shivers, and get there early. You’ll beat the crazy coat check lines, the hordes at the bar, and can use the bathroom before it gets disgusting.

3. Buy a couple water bottles

Whether you’re drinking alcohol, staying sober or indulging in party favours, it’s good regardless to buy at least one water bottle as soon as you get inside. Even if you don’t want to sober up, at least you will have it for later when the club gets packed and you notice sudden dehydration. Paying $5 for a bottle of water sucks at first, but if you end up filling it several times in a night in the bathroom sink, it’ll be very worth it.


This may seem like common sense, but there’s been too many times at Guvernment where I’ve bumped into people who are oblivious to their stench of body odour. Odds are if you think you don’t need it, it’s because you actually do! Go buy a mini stick from the drugstore or Loblaws across the street for $2 and do us all a favour please.

sweat stains

5. Pick the right backpack/Purse

If you’re a girl, I suggest a small satchel or a fanny pack. Keep your belongings to a minimum and have your bag in your sight at all times. Be aware there are people who pick pocket for phones, cards, cash, etc. Especially with a fanny pack around your waist, it makes it really hard for someone to steal from you and it’s one less thing to worry about. If you’re a dude, bring a small stringy backpack to keep your phone, keys, wallet, and everything else inside. Pockets are not your friends!

6. Travel light!

Girls: a couple bobby pins, emergency pony tail can be kept on your wrist, and a chapstick is never a bad idea. Don’t bring your whole wallet; bring a couple pieces of ID, your debt or credit card, and minimal cash. At least if these things get stolen in a worst-case scenario, you’re not losing everything, just things that can be replaced. Don’t bring anything with you that has sentimental value, or you will find out the hard way if it gets broken, lost, or stolen.

Boys: your keys, wallet, phone, and minimal cash.

7. Bring an external battery

There’s no way your phone is going to last the entire evening, especially when you are trying to find friends you’ve lost in the club, or trying to record a video of your favourite track; just avoid having a dead phone by bringing a cheap external battery and cord. I’ve done this so many times so I can have my phone charging in my purse while I dance away.

external battery

8. Manners

Manners make all the difference! When making your way through a crowd, don’t push and shove your way through to the front. Odds are the people up there got there early and plan on staying there. You will notice a crazy difference in vibes if you constantly say “excuse me, sorry, can I get through please?” and suddenly everyone will part the seas for you because MANNERS!

9. Always have a meeting place

If you’re arriving to the club with a big group of people, do not expect that you will all stay together the entire night during the huge rush that occurs between 11:30p.m. to 2:30a.m. Don’t stress out when you lose people, even if you are by yourself; indulge in a lonesome adventure and take advantage of how fast you can move around the venue alone. This is usually how one makes friends and meets new people anyways. As long as you and your crew have pre-decided where to meet when the night is over and at what time, it’s never a bad thing to get separated.

10. Always have a safe plan to get home

You can have someone be your designated driver, stay the entire evening until the busses start running again, or bring cash for a cab. Just make sure you figure it out before you arrive, so that nobody has to worry about his or her route while intoxicated and exhausted at the end of the evening.

Have fun and Stay safe!

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