EVENT REVIEW: BPM 2015 10 Day Review – Sunrise Sets and Unbelievable Times by Samantha McMeekin & Lindsay Cabrera


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Ten days flew by faster than imaginable as a constant stream of amazing music, people and parties filled each day and night at The BPM Festival, in Playa Del Carmen. From Carl Cox & Friends, Rumors with Guy Gerber, The Martinez Brothers at Circo Loco, Tini & The Gang at Fusion Beach Club, to watching the sunrise at the Blue Parrot, BPM 2015 was one of the best years yet.

Ain’t no mountain high enough… ain’t not valley low enough… ain’t no river wide enough…to keeping me from getting to you babe

CREW LOVE, Day 4 at BPM with Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, No Regular Play, Tanner Ross, Navid Izadi, and Life on Planets was one for the books. It was a day dedicated to proper funky house and disco music, playing samples from classic hits such Marvin Gaye’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and Donna Summers “Bad Girl” as the sun beamed over Cannibal Royal. People danced and sang at the top of their lungs and you can feel the energy fueling the boys on stage as they all eventually started dancing, playing and singing together to close out the event.

Wednesday night brought Paradise at The Blue Venado with Jamie Jones, Steve Lawler, Eats Everything, Lee Foss, Richy Ahmed, Patrick Topping and wAFF. Once again the mission to the venue started with the shuttle bus, which drove through the potholes scattered about the dirt road, passing by pedestrians who missed the shuttle lift (unfortunate). The vibe was contagious as Jamie Jones hit the decks – giving guests a morning to remember. As the sun began to rise, and a new day began, the beach was populated with smiling faces and a warm breeze.

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Innervisions took over Thursday night once again at the Blue Venado – this was one of the most anticipated events of BPM. The blissful sounds of Mano Le Tough, Ame, Marcus Worgull, Dixon and Henrik Schwarz echoed throughout the beautiful venue. A magical vibe with draped fabrics hung over the stage, making it mystical as Dixon serenaded the crowd. Piercing rays of sunlight began to shine through the hut above dancing heads, glistening in sync with the music. It was beautiful. 

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SOLOMUN + 1, Day 8 at BPM with Solomun and Ame was another one of those parties I know many people will never forget.  It was by far the most anticipated event of the week, and it absolutely owned up to its anticipation.  The sea of people outside of the Cannibal Royal trying to get in was a bit deceiving to whether it would be an uncomfortable experience, but once you found your spot on the dance floor; no one could look away from the magician, Solomun, hypnotizing the crowd one track at a time. When Solomun and Ame started playing back-to-back, you could just see the expression of people as their minds were being blown, and people were falling in love with music in a whole new way… 

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