EVENT REVIEW: Day 1 of The BPM Festival with Fred P 11-01-15


January 11th marks the first day of EDMTOR at the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen.  As the anticipation grew over the past few weeks, we are finally here and we’re ready to explore the musical masterminds that filled this years line up.

With a line up of parties such as Saved, Culprit and I’m A House Gangster, we had our eye set on one in particular and that was Punch Drunk Love hosted by the Brooklyn based label Scissor & Thread. Spearheads Frank & Tony undoubtedly rocked the venue for a solid 3 hour set, followed by an honorable mention Fred P.

The Brooklyn-based artist Fred P left a lasting impression at The Cannibal Royal, with a sweet, soulful, deep and bassy set, filled with eclectic sounds and an energetic atmosphere. Taking over the decks around 6:00PM the sun was set, and Fred P was ready to take on the night with his deep, permissive sounds and style. For the first little bit, he kept the bass at a consistent sexy vibe, anticipating it to grow as he hit his one-hour mark. The bass grew along with the vibe of the crowd, as saxophones played over dripping basslines. Bongos chimed in, and two journeys of music came alive, together.

Toronto- don’t stress if you weren’t able to make it to this magical set at BPM, because Fred P will be coming to Toronto January 30th at Cabal. This event, hosted by Spark and Hypnotic Mindscapes will be one you won’t want to miss. Accompanied by local talents Aaron Santos, Cosmic JD and Gera, musical enchantment is an absolute guarantee. You can view the Facebook event here.


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