TRACK REVIEW: Dr. Ozi’s “Reckless Driver” + FREE DL


Local Toronto duo Dr. Ozi released a new track free for download on their SoundCloud, so support your local talent and give it a listen! It’s grimey and hard-hitting, and it’s all for the wake of their new EP “We Don’t Stop released less than a month ago.

dr ozi we dont stop banner

I had a moment to talk to Christian about the new single, “We basically wanted to put out a free track to thank everyone for supporting our ‘We Dont Stop EP’. It was a bold move for us to do something like that and we were really happy with the response. We made Reckless Driver originally as a live-only track to transition from DnB to House. But it got such a good vibe from fans when we played it that we had to release it for people to hear online.”

Reckless Driver is Free for Download on their SoundCloud below!

If you like what you hear, support Dr. Ozi and buy their latest EP “We Don’t Stop”. Both the tracks have something different to offer, but with a ton of different projects on the way you can expect more collaborations and tracks to come!

Enjoy the Free Download!


Dr. Ozi

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