TRACK REVIEW: Sauruua – You’re My Angel (Amor E Remix)


Sauruua is a Russian DJ and producer specializing in deep house, trance and progressive. The very talented NYC-raised producer Amor E, now living in Florida, has taken on this huge remix of Sauruua’s original creation.

The track opens in all of its complexity. With a booming bassline laid over with high-hats and a sound that I can only describe as a trill as well as the melody. The notes of the melody are stretched out, similar to a legato, which contrasts the sharp punctuated sounds underlying the melody. The first break down occurs around the 1:20 mark. It slowly subtracts the sounds and introduces an alteration of the melody, that, at times, reminds me of Ayla part 2.

The track comes roaring back, sans the bass line at 1:50. The long, drawn out notes carry forward through the song until the sharp, punctuated bass line is reintroduced, mimicking the beginning of the track. As the track draws to a close, a small kick drum is introduced to signal the completion of the track as it fades to nothing.

All in all, this is a great track! The juxtaposition of long, drawn out notes against the sharp, tight sounds that support the melody offer a pleasing character to the song. Big ups to Amor E on this epic rework and first major release!


Amor E


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