NEWS: Spor’s new album “Caligo” leaked via Reddit AMA


Feed Me’s other musical personality Spor has linked his new Drum & Bass album Caligo” via torrent link on his Reddit thread. The album is free for download or you can pay a donation to support the artist!

Due to the internet leaking the album a little early, Spor decided to gather a torrent together which includes original album artworks, mixes, unreleased sketchbook material, and the full album.

In the Reddit AMA, he answers a wide variety of questions, some pertaining to the new album, some about his upcoming possible shows & festivals, while other questions regard more serious topics such as the artist’s feelings towards aliases, genres, insightful backstories, and more.


 “I’ve got half a new Feed Me album, enough Spor for a second album, and more than an album of Seventh Stitch ideas to refine and get lost in when the opportunity arises. I also want to do a little production for some other people this year.”

“Quite a lot of the tracks stemmed from old concepts, but for me everything had to be rebuilt and brought forward into my current way of working, I think this was necessary to make it truly congruous and a modern snapshot of how I’m feeling in this persona. Some are total new creations, I didn’t want to look at my track list and just see reinvigorated ghosts of past thoughts. If I was going to be proud of the album it had to feel really new.”

Interested in reading the full thread? The link is here.
As Spor said, the album is out and you can pay for it or not, here.

Reading the entire thread got me really excited for the future Feed Me album, hopefully to be released later this year once completed. But it’s possible that either of his aliases could come to Toronto this summer, so keep your eyes peeled! Reading the AMA also opened my eyes to the artist’s perspective by demonstrating how intelligent Jon Gooch is. This guy is in it for all the right reasons, and that alone is very inspiring.

Enjoy the album! It’s extremely polished. Some tracks are rock influenced, other more electronic, but all of it is drum & bass!



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