TRACK REVIEW: John Dopping Presents ‘The Truth’ EP


Recently released on Research & Development records, “The Truth” is a three track EP brought to us from Manchester’s John Dopping. This is the third release from Research & Development, a label founded by Dopping himself alongside co-conspirator Alan Ruddick.

John shares that music has been a part of his identity for as long as he can remember. Music is something that has always simply called to him. He claims electronic music to be an expression of his inner computer geek and his love for the recording studio. Back in 2012, he joined Borderline Music and produced an album for them called, “Words in Colour,” which was released in July of 2014. He spent two years perfecting that album, and was enthralled at the opportunity to do a physical album; something that is difficult to do in the current state of the industry.


“I used to play drums in Jazz bands and before that I was amongst the nu-metal generation of disenfranchised teenagers. I’m as comfortable swinging my hair and pointing my fingers in the nu-metal sign as I am swinging a ride cymbal in a smokey basement jazz club.”

“The Truth” EP is representative of John’s unique and inspiring taste and contains the original song, a remix by Chris Voro and another by Research & Development.

I suppose all of these things just came together when I realized I could make music with a computer. I just started doing it and couldn’t stop.

The original track is well arranged, starting softly with an emotional synth and then progressing into a melodic combination of instruments over a groovy bassline. Everything is brought away gently and then hits you hard with an energetic rhythm.

Chris Voro’s remix brings out the heavier pieces of “The Truth” and twists them into a well-constructed motion influenced by drum and bass.

The Research & Development remix holds a darker, heavier feel but remains faithful to the melodic style expressed in John’s original.

Click here to buy the full EP on Beatport.


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