ALBUM REVIEW: Lo Flo’s “Sermons of an Insomniac Vol. 1” EP


Toronto-based Producer Lo Flo is excited to bring forth his Sermons of an Insomniac Vol. 1″ EP to the realm of digital music. This two track creation is available as of May 24th, 2015, released on the steadily up-and-coming Sapphire Records and is sure to put a bounce in your step as you groove to clever percussion and intricately placed sounds. Lo Flo was recently featured on for his track XXX and is definitely someone you want to keep an eye on.

Come With Me starts out with a powerful synth loop and clear, smooth drums. Lo Flo gently brings it all away and then hits you hard with his melody and transitory, minimal-inspired bassline.

XXX has more of a darker feel to it. It starts gently, building up eloquently to a mesmerizing blend of sound and synth. Lo Flo switches the feel with the drop and hits the listener with deep bass and panned effects.

Support Lo Flo and purchase your copy of Sermons of an Insomniac Vol. 1 here.


Lo Flo


Sapphire Records


Kayla LePage – EDM TOR


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