EVENT PREVIEW: ZODIAC: Taurus – ‘All Stars Festival’ Pre-Party 02-05-15


It’s the season of Taurus as The Zodiac Collective, this time teaming up with Neuromantix, gets all set to bring us their 4th edition in a monthly event series themed after the Zodiac signs. This version will be hosted at District 28, Toronto, on the 2nd of May, 2015, starting at 10PM and scheduled to go until 6 the next morning.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending the previous three installments that have happened in 2015, and I can confidently say that this group knows exactly how to pull off a psychedelic gathering with a well thought-out order of DJs. They use an intricate decor and switch venues for every event. They also incorporate a variety of different audio and visual artists to deflect any audio/visual déjà vu to the psychedelic traveler.

Neuromantix (hosts of The All Stars Festival, which is a July weekend of psychedelic adventure in the lap of nature) are partnering up with The Zodiac Collective and Organic Family Promo Group, who have teamed up with Glitch Doctors and Sound Advisors for the decor. This event promises to be an auspicious coming together of the stars. This night also marks as the Pre-Party for the All Stars Festival.

The Psy Plains room will be vibrating to the high-tempo dark to full-on psytrance, albeit the 2nd room, aptly dubbed The Stadium will be hosting DJs with a wide range of psychedelic genres.

Headlining the PsyPlains will be Ghreg On Earth (aka Greg Carson Ghreg) who currently resides in San Francisco, California, where he continues to create electronic music without boundaries. In my opinion, he is on his way to be the prince of dark-psy. Supporting him to take you through your auditory adventure on the Psy Plains will be Plan B (Zodiac) and Machine Elf (Zodiac.

Playing the sport of psychedelia at The Stadium, the other world of psy, will be guided by Jonah K (Permanent Damage Records). Jonah K is an A/V alchemist specializing in atmospheric, bass-driven music, detailed illustration and dynamic animation. On his sides will be Medicineman (No Man’s Land, CIUT.FM) who brings a variety of sounds ranging from indo-arabic dub to afro-latin funk to gypsy-swing electronica. His sets flow seamlessly from soothing ancient rhythms and textures through rippling primitive & progressive beats. Also playing The Stadium will be Totemic (Street Ritual/Spectrum), a rising star in Toronto’s sky who brings a unique flavour to his live performances by combining live violin with fast paced mixes. To support their cause will be Discrete Infinity (Neuromantix), Sidra (Glitch Doctors) and Audi Etoffe (Acid Reign Productions). The sound system for the night will be provided by Mr. Kaizen, so you know that you will hear every tiny sound in there if you’re truly listening.There will also be a booth for Astrology Readings by Bella V. Vid of Nurture Astrology.

This is must attend ceremonial night for the experienced travelers and for the newcomers to the world of psychedelia. This is one journey you do not want to miss, as the adventure just might awaken you a bit more.

You can RSVP to the Facebook event page here.

Tickets are only available at the door.

19+ event. ID required upon entry.




Ghreg On Earth


Jonah K




Nikhil Khedkar – EDM TOR


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