FEATURE: Daniel Portman, a name Toronto knows and loves.


Since his North American debut in December of 2013, Toronto has gotten to know and love Daniel Portman as one of electronic music’s most influential artists who has played our city. His first Toronto show (held at Stirling Room) was one that will never be forgotten. When you hear the word “debut” you think new, unknown and unexpected but how Daniel took the intimate venue under his control, captured the essence of sound and disbelief of many, we knew Daniel Portman was someone we loved and we wanted more. Not a single body was still in the dark, the room filled with anticipation and our eyes were wide with excitement, watching and waiting for what could possibly come next from such a new name to our city.He brought more to the table than anyone expected.


Rapidly gaining a big fan base from all corners of the GTA, Toronto needed more Portman! Since 2007 when his first EP “Backside/Evolution” was released on Unreleased Digital, which was followed by the EP “I Never Sleep”, Daniel has made quite a heavy attack on the DJ scene. With his agenda fully booked with DJ gigs on all continents, we had to have him back!

Then, in June of 2014, we did! Daniel was back and in full force with a set that was dark, dirty and Toronto devoured it! A sold out show, Maison Mercer was packed to capacity. The crowd was insane with excitement, room lit with smiles and happy party-goers. Daniel left another Toronto with night of dancing, some of the best memories to even better music and another heartache for Portman. Since his start in the late 90’s, Daniel has designed a forward thinking and unique style of electronic/house music. His music can be described as “a mixture of progressive house and techno, but with an ability to infuse cutting edge machine music with soulful grooves.”

As 2014 came to a close, Toronto was filling up with events and indecisive party people were left with decisions to make, that was until we saw it in writing again: “Daniel Portman, December 27th at RYZE!” Having Daniel return was on all of our Christmas lists and surely, we were not disappointed! The night started off full force, snapping bodies in to groove mode as Daniel delivered a hard and fast start to his set. From You’re Not Alone to Galvanized, and from new releases like Alegria to Salsa, Portman played absolutely everything we could have wanted to hear. Taking us on a journey, with sounds of progressive house, techno and the minimal this man Toronto loved him for. Check out our photos from that event here.


“I have been a fan of Daniel Portman for quite some time and haven’t been able to catch a full set by him here in Toronto yet, so from a first timer’s perspective, I am impressed beyond what words can convey. Everyone who experienced what I did last Saturday will agree that you may have never seen so many people smiling, laughing and dancing at the same time; it were as if it were a trip from reality, a dream even.” – Courtney J., fan

As if we couldn’t love him enough, Daniel has released an exclusive mix to us at EDM TOR to share as a thank you for all of your support. He truly appreciates the love Toronto shows him every time he makes it back for an event.

Daniel Portman – Canada Mix by Edmtor on Mixcloud

Not to far in the future, Toronto will see Portman back in the area, this time on a boat. That’s right, the Balance Boat Cruise will feature Daniel Portman alongside The NightOwls, Audiometrics, Maffioli, Manolo, Justin Astro & Mikey Palermo, Tharen & Ryan Vanderzalm. Leave it to Balance Inc. to team up with Envy, White Label Promo and APA to do something this fantastic. Grab your tickets today on wanttickets.com.

Daniel Portman is a name we will remember and talk about for a long time, and if the past 2 years of events in Toronto is any indicator of what Portman has prepared for the future, sit down and buckle up because we sure are in for a wild ride!

Thanks Daniel for always delivering!



Megara Scorcese – EDM TOR


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