TRACK REVIEW: USB Players – Siren


Based out of Dresden, Germany, USB Players are quickly carving a name for themselves in the electronic music scene. This duo is made up of  two young producers and DJs who both describe their sound with all facets of house. Their productions are unique and innovative. They experiment with new sounds and connect different genres with each other. Their first single Lost was published on Wetfish Records and has over 80, 000 plays on Soundcloud. The Follow up EP called “Sunrise” has received immense support from the market.

Siren creates a catchy atmosphere by leading you in with a synth and then hitting you hard with a motioning bassline. It’s a groove that will get stuck in your head and have you hitting the repeat button until your roommate begs you to try something else. Unlike some of the other tracks by USB Players, Siren houses a darker, tech-ish feel while remaining true to the upbeat sound these guys are known for.


USB Players


Kayla LePage – EDM TOR


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