TRACK REVIEW: Jerome Price Remix’s Mohombi’s “Universe”


UK artist Jerome Price hits us with a fresh remix of Mohombi’s Universe. Now, this track is what I like to call a track that gives the feels—from groovy to sensual; this track instantly makes you feel something good. This remix ignites listeners to sway their hips and bob their heads incessantly. Personally, this track made me want to hit the club right away and dance to it all night—with the help of a partner (perhaps). Either way, whether single, spending a night out with your ladies/boys or simply attempting to mingle in a jam packed club, this remix will surely serve purpose to an amazing night out!

Once again proving himself to be a great DJ and artist, Jerome Price isn’t an unfamiliar name to the EDM music scene. With over 8 thousand followers on Soundcloud, Jerome Price seems to always deliver on electrifying remixes. His versatile technique can be seen on other popular remixes such as the break-it-down-on-the-dance-floor remix of Get Free by Major Lazer, demonstrating spine-tingling rhythms and hip-hop/trap underpinnings. His style is also unique as it mixes the trippy sounds of EDM with completely different genres such as R&B and rap. As seen in his track Motion, which is covered with samples of the late Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat, Price is surely ensuring his position as an established and flexible artist—especially seeing as he’s unsigned.

Check out his other sounds including the recently released remix of Nause’s The World I Know or the DJCity competition winning remix of Jennifer Lopez’s Booty.


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