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A very interesting piece from John Dopping was brought to my attention recently. Upon first hearing this track on my laptop I immediately ran to find some proper headphones. I needed to get a better listen of this track.

Putting on my Pioneer in-ear monitors, I was treated to a whole new world as orchestrated by Dopping’s track Unravel. His sound is all new to me, I discovered this was called psy-breaks. Being a psy-trance fan I found myself enjoying John’s track quite a bit. I later dove into the psy-breaks genre more because of this track. Unravel is currently out on Blacked Out Recordings, and naturally, it was a good place to start my exploration.

The bassline in the track is very catchy, the psychedelic elements also add a strong tension. The combination creates a groovy yet ominous atmosphere. I personally like psychedelic sounds because it allows a lot of room for imagination from the listener.  What I found within psy-breaks is a very prominent snare found in many tracks. The snare is usually very powerful and tight sounding almost like a Drum and Bass snare. Unravel follows suit and has a very hard hitting snare. The dangerous psy, bass and snare combination in John Dopping’s track creates plenty of groove and energy. It’s definitely worth a listen.

I talked to John Dopping about the track and he was delighted that I had taken such a liking to the sound. That is when I heard his brilliant idea to have all the proceeds from Unravel go towards supporting the organization Save the Children. All proceeds will go towards War Victim Humanitarian Aid for the ongoing civil war in Syria.


Check out Save the Children here, and be sure to purchase the track from Beatport when released September 14th, 2015.

John is a gentleman and artist, indeed. Check out his Soundcloud to hear more of his original music and musical interests.



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