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Since Darude’s popularity with Sandstorm back in 1999, he has undergone a great sound and business transformation. He now  owns his own label, Enmass Music, and as of April 2015 he released his EP “Moments” featuring the perfectly pitched vocals of Al AM on Beautiful Alien.

Multi-platinum award winning producer and international artist Ville Virtanen a.k.a. Darude has sold over five million records worldwide and is recognized by many as one of the most influential artists to emerge from the dance scene in the past decade.


RELEASE DATE: August 14, 2015
LABEL: WM Finland
GENRE: Electronic Dance Music

“Moments” is a festival sound album sure to inspire colourful beaded fists in the air with a whole lotta jumping. Supersized (& Caater) is the perfect example of this. It has all the elements a festival track should have. Quick build-ups, deep baselines, high treble, and trance harmony to sooth the spirit which all comes together with hip-shaking energy.

Beautiful Alien is an ode to the extraterrestrial and is a song sure to make the charts and have those in the crowd singing back.

Remember that I mentioned “Moments” was dropped in April? Well it was dropped right on April 1stApril Fool’s Day. You may recall there was a bit of joke with Sandstorm and Beautiful Angel. On April Fool’s Day, 2015, YouTube decided to continue their Troll of Epic Proportions with an auto-suggest directing to Sandstorm for any music related search. As intended, this troll increased traffic on Darude’s account, where viewers were introduced to “Moments”.

Beautiful Alien, serves as a refreshing new sound for the legend, and builds excitement for more potential releases, and is one of my favourite tracks on this album. Another stand-out track is Coming Home (feat. Mahan Moin).

“Moments” is a dance album with trance and house influences. What I find refreshing is the vocals. It’s not just that I am vocal kinda girl, but the vocals vary on this album from male to female, from slow and sexy with Beautiful Alien (feat. Al AM) to male diva with Be with You Tonight (feat. Will Sly). The bpms also alternate their pitch from door opener grooves to late night beats with Peace Revisited (& Apocalyptica).

You can purchase “Moments” through iTunes and Beatport.


  1. Beautiful Alien (feat. Al AM)
  2. Be With You Tonight (feat Mahan Moin)
  3. Coming Home (feat. Mahan Moin)
  4. Moments (feat. Sebastian Reyman)
  5. Warrior
  6. Supersized ( & Caater)
  7. One Lifetime (feat. Sebastian Reyman)
  8. Turn The Light On (feat. Will Sly)
  9. Till I Could Find ( & Weirdness)
  10. Peace Revisited ( & Apocalyptica)
  11. No More Tears to Cry (feat. Kristiina Wheeler)


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