ALBUMS: Broad City Music Supervisor Matt FX Announces Scooter Island Debut EP


“Scooter Island have a knack for putting a sonic smile in their music that is both unparalleled and infectious.” – Nest HQ

Scooter Island is the multi-artist project involving over 20 vocalists, producers, and visual artists, led by Matt FX Feldman. A 23-year-old record producer and DJ, Matt is a native New Yorker and the Music Supervisor for Comedy Central‘s Broad City. At 18 years old, Matt got his break music supervising SKINS, and has recently wrapped up the music on the Amy Poehler exec-produced Difficult People.

“The multi-artist project wants us to turn our frowns upside down.” – The FADER

As someone who cut his teeth deciding what’s cool for some of the hippest shows on television, Matt is beyond excited to be putting out something he can call his very own. He describes Scooter Island as “the most personal project I’ve ever worked on, as well as the biggest” and compares his role to that of “someone like Damon Albarn on Gorillaz, or even Diplo with Major Lazer.”

“It’s basically a step-by-step guide for having a perfect summer day.” – BuzzFeed

The vibe of this record has been fittingly dubbed as “Rooftop Music” and the first video and official single is Breezy featuring Zoe Penina. The track’s mellow vocals, shuffled beats, and highlife-inspired licks make what Noisey calls “a pitch perfect summer jam.”

#NOTYOURS is a feminine anthem with attitude. With additional production by Sweater Beats, pulsating drums are taken to the next level with a fierce guest verse by Brooklyn’s Junglepussy.

We Could Smoke exudes subtly seductive vibes that are perfect for lazy afternoons and sunsets on the rooftop. Harlem’s own Synead delivers smooth, melodic vocals, that are complimented by the clever rhymes of Salomon Faye, a renegade lyricist widely known for his introspective verses and verbal blitzes.

Snap Out of It which exclusively premiered via The FADER is the new single that features additional production from Vancouver’s HXDB, whose unique take on electronic music fits the track like a glove. The track also features Harlem rapper S’natra, as well as chief collaborator Synead, who not only appears on the EP twice but is also one of the two founding members of Millions March NYC.

Like We Always Dreamed Of is the hidden gem on the album. What begins as a sonic serenade, this 10-minute journey evokes what Matt describes as “a trippy dream sequence,” complete with a hidden treasure in its final moments.

“[Their] smooth, genre-defying sounds effortlessly light up screens, soundtracks and dance floors.” – THUMP

As urban as it is tropical, and as organic as it is pulsing, Scooter Island skillfully weaves together elements of modern electronic production with classical songwriting and resonating vocal performances to create an unmistakably familiar feeling. Their dynamic sounds reflect both the grit and beauty of New York, while always alluding to something beyond, something fresh, and something great.

Summer may only come once a year, but Scooter Island is a place we can visit whenever we like.


1. Snap Out of It feat. S’natra & Synead
2. #NOTYOURS feat. Junglepussy
3. Breezy feat. Zoe Penina
4. We Could Smoke feat. Synead & Salomon Faye
5. Like We Always Dreamed Of


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