ALBUMS: Sailor & I “Leave The Light On” EP Out Now

Following hot on the heels of excellent three-track EP Sweat”, Sailor & I has released his latest EP Leave The Light On”, out now via The Invention of Loneliness.

Opening with a driving bassline and soft, hazy acoustics, “Leave The Light On” displays Sailor & I’s flair for building multi-layered soundscapes through the use of delicate instrumentation and intricate rhythmic patterns. His distinctive voice, itself a standout feature of all his work to date, lends heart to the track too, relaying a sense of emotional immediacy sometimes lost in translation on records that look to strike a chord within both live and electronic settings. That said, his glossy, synth-rich sound design on euphoric B-side A Tiger In My Hands is equally as impressive, itself a track defined by it’s shiny, bubbling melodies and complex percussive textures. Thoughtful and insular in the best possible sense, “Leave The Light On” thus feels like a fitting introduction to the beautiful, melancholy world of Sailor & I.
Using music as a form as escapism, Sailor & I’s Alexander Sjodin has taken a less trodden path into the limelight. Preferring to let his music grow organically, he has been steadily building momentum via the string-swept Tough Love, the melodrama of Turn Around and tense, pensive new tracks Sweat and Disorder – not to mention Ame’s incredible remix of Turn Around earning support from the likes of Dixon and Mano Le Tough. With performing in his blood, Sjodin also plays multiple instruments and is developing a performance setup that sits somewhere between DJing and live performance, earmarking him as one of electronic music’s most exploratory new creatives.
You can download the EP on various music services here.
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