ALBUMS: John Haden’s “Incomprehensible” EP on refused.


Switzerland based producer John Haden joins the refused. roster of both up-and-coming and well established techno Producers. Haden’s production style is both experimental and classic with deep, emotive qualities in each track he releases. John Haden’s versatility is transcending the techno scene with his musical eloquence.

refused. enthusiastically welcomes John Haden’s diversity with EP “Incomprehensible”, released on October 13th, 2015. The 4-piece EP features all the dark, brooding basslines and trippy daunting vocals that refused. is best known for.

The EP starts out with a very atmospheric intro titled Implausible which is characterized by an interesting use of pads and plucked string sounds to create tensions. This track leads well into next track, Intemperate, a very minimal cut with the continued use of atmospheric pads. The per clued line in the second drop brings some variety into the the mix. Ignoble grows on a persistent baseline with a filtered swell which gives a nice groove to the track. Lastly, Incomprehensible, the title track, has a very strong and persistent kick throughout the track. Interesting use of reverberated down pitched vocals maintain the overall atmospheric theme of the EP.


John Haden is an up-and-coming Producer based out of Switzerland. Driven by the fascination for music, John Haden decided to create his own musical dimension to give voice to his creativity and emotions and, of course, to live out his fascination.

John is a versatile artist; his music is particularly characterized by experimental sounds and effects driven by different grooves and structures. He combines trippy, dark, brooding, and creepy atmospheres with strong, weighty, and rolling basslines. The results are musical stories with big diversity tending from minimalist sounds to harder and rougher techno ensembles.

His musical journey continues, exploring and researching new realities and sounds to elevate his profile. It’s a never ending process. Therefore, he won’t stop working on new music, which conduces as a catalytic converter for his ideas.


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