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With the recent release of the album “10 Years” by Stoneface & Terminal under Euphonic Records I was lucky enough to get the chance to have the incredible duo Henry and Matthi for an interview. We were teased with the 3 EP’s leading up to the final release of 10 Years in the past few months. The album as the title states is a compilation of the work done by the group in the last decade, its an incredible time machine that lets the listener travel back and enjoy the timeless power of electronic music through the ears of Stoneface & Terminal.

In this interview we dive into questions that let us see what is goes on behind the stage and the production. Hit play below, and then read through the interview.

How did your partnership start? Was it always about the music, or did both of you dive into the electronic music world together?

We know each other from school since 1984. We started to throw school parties in the early 90’s. We were interested in music, how it’s made and stuff. The electronic music was something that fascinated us. Matthi began to work as a DJ in the clubs in our hometown, playing Vinyl. Henry started to learn how to produce on an Amiga 500. And so we spent a lot of time together making and playing music.

Your new album Stoneface & Terminal 10 Years seems like an incredible timeless release. Is there any particular track that speaks to either of you the most?

Henry: Here Comes The Sun. It’s quite different and it brings everyone in a good mood.

Matthi: Volcano. It’s a powerful track and you feel the S&T energy.

In your experience what seems to be the best way you both work together in the studio? 

It’s always good if we can sit together, sharing ideas. We do not argue that much. We say “OK! Let’s try it!” before we know it better. Let the music speak.

What have been some of your favorite or most memorable sets? 

H: Creamfields Poland 2007. We played in front of so many awesome people, near the end of our set I had to go to the washroom so badly. The DJ who was supposed to play after us was late and so we had to play longer. It was one of our best sets and we enjoyed it so much really! But I couldn’t stand upright, I had to pee! Then, finally, the other guy arrived!
M: Every Set at Ministry of Sound, London

What is electronic music to you? 

H: When synths come to ‘life’ and cause emotions.
M: When floating rhythm with strikingly synths bring you to an extraordinary level.


Beyond the music what else are you two interested in? sports, hobbies etc 

H: Cooking and my little family. My daughter is over 1 year old now. Usually though, there’s not much besides the music.
M: Swimming, cycling, endurance run, reading books, many things.

What are some difficulties you experience during touring?

Waiting at airports for more than 6 hours, waiting for our drivers, when the organization of an event is bad. It is bad when there are no drinks at the club, and you have jetlag, and the hotel cannot find your names, or the internet doesn’t work. That kind of stuff gets frustrating.

I see that you sometimes split up for shows. Is there a preference who goes out to perform, or who works in the studio?

Sometimes it’s not possible for us two to perform together, that is when Henry is in the studio and Matthi is off travelling and performing. That’s not too often, thankfully.

What do you guys listen to outside of producing and DJing? 

H: I like the electronic music from the early and mid 80’s till the late 90’s. Vince Clarke, Eurythmics, early techno, acid, etc.
M: Kraftwerk, KLF, Art Of Noise, Yellow, and other stuff like this. From today I like Sia, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Pharell Williams

What is a great source of inspiration to you? 

H: When I watch documentaries about the early days of electronic music.
M: Nature. I like to go outside and walk.

Stoneface & Terminal encompasses a wide array of sounds. Do you have your favorite styles or sounds? 

We like that one sound from the Steinberg A1 synth. It’s not part of Cubase anymore but we found a way to have it in the newer Cubase version.  We are always working on new sounds though, because we don’t want to use the same sound again and again.

What can’t you do without when you go on tour? 

H: My cellphone, and laptop.
M: Yes! Me too, my mobile and laptop.

What else is on the horizon for you? 

We’d love to live off of the music for many years so that we can make more music in the future.


Anything to say to your Toronto fans? 

A big Hello to everyone there in Toronto!! Thank you all so much for your continued support, we hope to see you soon!

I would like to say a special thank you to Euphonic Records, and of course Stoneface and Terminal aka Henry and Matthi for taking time to answer some questions and tell us more about themselves and their music. The two are very lively and very passionate about their work, I wish them many more decades of success!


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Euphonic Records

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