NEWS: Shy Kids Release Music Video for “Terminally In Love With You”


On Wednesday, October 28th, Toronto indie filmmakers and band shy kids premiered their brand new music video for Terminally In Love With You off their recent album, “Lofty! on Canada’s leading music magazine Exclaim!

The video, which features simultaneous uncut footage from three different camera angles resounds the melancholic piano ballad and booming choir ensemble that make up this dynamic song. Filmed inside the Ebenezer United Church with vocal backing from Choir! Choir! Choir!; the setting plays off the reverent quality of Terminally In Love With You.

This is the second music video put out by shy kids. Their first video, Ⓡ o c k e t s, was released earlier this year and received tremendous praise. Fans have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of a second video, which they can now relish in.

shy kids

More about shy kids

we are shy kids (no caps, no ‘the’)

we’re from toronto, canada and met at school while majoring in radio, television, and film. after an impromptu acoustic performance of Baby Got Back at a university talent show, we discovered that we shared a love for eclectic pop music and experimental creativity. with that, we decided to jam on some songs and see what would come out of it. in 2012, we released our first three-track EP, “Field Trips”, and directed the music video for the single, Raise ‘Em Right. when the EP and video were posted online, they received acclaim from dozens of international blogs and writers. now that we had seen the connections we were able to make with people thru our music, we set our sights on writing and recording our first LP.

the multi-disciplinary aspect of our work proved itself invaluable in 2013, when a short film we had directed called “Noah” while working on the LP won Best Short Film at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to tour the world at festivals and garner international acclaim. this secured us representation in los angeles on the film side, but halted work on the LP while we not only figured out how to work in the movie business, but how to work best with each other. late last year, while waiting on the lumbering beast that is hollywood, we returned to our first love, determined to channel our frustrations into finally finishing the album, which we decided to call “Lofty!” – a nod to our ambitions, and to the place it was created.

we worked on Lofty! for almost three years in our one-bedroom loft in kensington market, writing and producing the entire thing, burning out our laptops turning the songs from demos to massive, ambitious anthems. this DIY ethos extends to the music video for the album’s lead single, ® o c k e t s. we spent nine months animating an apocalyptic tale in a world created entirely of candy to accompany the sugary-sweet insanity of the track.

we released Lofty! digitally on august 17th, and its reception has been overwhelmingly positive. looking forward, we have inventive concepts for films, future music videos, and innovative live experiences that capitalize on the album’s catchy-but-crazy pop energy and ambitions.


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