TRACKS: Datsik ft Snoop Dogg New Single “Smoke Bomb” Out Now On Ultra Music


Fresh off headlining the national Safe In Sound tour, Datsik is ready to make his next move. On November 6th, 2015 Datsik released his newest track Smoke Bomb featuring Snoop Dogg. Out now on Ultra Music, Smoke Bomb has the producer, known for his bass-heavy swagger, dressing up his production for Snoop with classic west coast hip-hop elements. The result is nothing short of explosive.

“Overly excited to have worked with the Doggfather himself…he’s been one of my favourite rappers since I can remember; like straight up since I was like 10 years old,” says Datsik. “I used to steal my older brothers CD’s and bump it in my room and one of them was his album “Doggystyle”. I wanted to bring back some of that hellafide gangster flavor that got me into it from the start and mash it into something new, but hella familiar. Big respect to Snoop!!!”

Datsik picked his favourite Snoop Dogg tracks for us here.. (“it’s almost impossible for me to pick only five, but here goes!”):

1. “Gin and Juice” — This one is obvious. It’s a straight up classic and also happens to be one of my favorite drinks!
2. “Tha Shiznit” — One of my favorite Snoop songs of all time. The vibe is wicked strong with this one.
3. “Party with a DPG” — My favorite track off of his No Limit Top Dog album. I used to blast this shit LOUD in my car when I was a youngster.
4. “Murder Was the Case” — This one is right up my alley…dark as f**k and straight gangster.
5.”Y’all Gone Miss Me” — This track is majorly under-rated. Every time I throw this on at an afterparty, people always ask me what this one is. Another classic.




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