EVENT PREVIEW: Organic Family and The Best Cosmic Friends present MAD MOON featuring Kokobloko, Darkshire and Makumba @ Remix Lounge 23-01-16


Organic Family and The Best Cosmic Friends have prepared an epic psychedelic journey for the Toronto Psyfamily with the announcement of three incredible acts – Kokobloko, DarkShire and Makumba. Joining them will be our very own local heroes Atheria, Banjankri, Ankhanamun, Lorax and Playdifferent. There will also be some very trippy and psychedelic deco provided by Organic Family, Neuromantix and Shoom, along with synchronized lighting by the Sound Advice Crew and UV body painting by Cornelia Rose.

Kokobloko, Darkshire and Makumba are the three projects of the very talented Greek artist, Mario Sounoglou. He discovered psytrance in the early 2000s, after attending various festivals and falling in love with the music. At the age of 20, he began producing his own music. In August 2004, Mario met Viktor Zolotarenko during one of his live performances and was influenced by Viktor to create a completely new sound. A year later he released his first single with Zolod Parasense/Terminator on Vertigo Records. In 2006, Mario teamed up with his friend Gregorio Materia Increada/GR and started experimenting on the Kokobloko project, on which he continues solo two years later. In 2011, Mario founded his own label known as Future Tribe Office under which he released the debut “Kokobloko & Friendz – Pobeg V Budushee” album. A few months later, Discovalley Records released his last work of Darkshire project, the “Path of Memories” album. In 2013, Mario launched his new solo project Makumba, the evolution of Darkshire sound with its debut EP “Drawn To Life”.

Atheria is known for his involvement in All Stars Festival and has performed at many events across Canada and abroad. With his style of mixing and selection of sound he has captured the attention of a lot of members in the Psyfamily. Expect driving basslines, crystal atmosphere, and a glimpse into the soul of the forest.

Banjankri is a Latvian artist currently based in Toronto, Canada. He began performing psytrance in the Baltics starting from 2002, and continues to spread his eternal love with the music he provides as a part of the Organic Family. His radical approach to music is a staple of trance experience, with the idea of non-stop continuous trip throughout the inner self into the very depths of the mind. The music is devoid of stops and dropouts – it is a powerful and surreal experience. Banjankri remixes and edits his material to create a seamless mix, it is sure to leave the Psyfamily crying for more.

Ankhanamün is the project of Ananda Franko. As a medicine dancer at the root of her heart, Ananda brings eternal rhythms & wild journeys in the form of psytrance. With a taste in deep & organic sounds, her stories allow an expressive space to explore the dance of the mind, body & cosmos. In her tribal nature, this lovely lady is fueled by depth, by presence, and by love. She wants to show us to not fear the dark, for it contains everything we need for transformation, true expression and karmic release.

Lorax is the project of Dylan McKinnon. He was raised in the shimmering meadows of southern Ontario, often venturing deep into the forest. A musician from an early age, he first discovered psytrance music in 2004 and fell in love with the power and beauty that it holds. No stranger to mystical realms, he will be delivering fat, bouncy, and deeply twisted soundscapes to the dance floor.

Playdifferent is the project of Roberto Foti who has been enchanting souls all across the land. With performances at Harvest Festival 2015 and Solstice Gathering 2015, Robbie has been blowing people away with the outstanding Goa tracks and melodic tunes. He will be ending the night in a bang for all the beautiful souls in attendance.

The decorations for the night will be provided by Shoom from Vilnius, Lithuania. After being involved with a production of Yaga gatherings in Lithuani for many years, he developed a unique decorative technique that he would like to share with the world. Prepare to be transported into a mystical cave. During the night there will be face/body painting including UV reactive body paint provided by the lovely and very talented artist, Cornelia Rose. Make sure you stop by her booth to say hi and add some psychedelic flavours and styles to your look.

This is going to be an epic psychedelic journey that you will not want to miss. Organic Family takes a lot of pride in producing amazing psytrance events with the most attention to detail and the quality of a true psytrance event, pulling out all the tricks they have and providing the best vibes possible, something that has been lacking with other psytrance promoters in Toronto for quite a long time now. Online tickets are still on sale for cheap here, so grab them before the prices go up or before they sell out. The EDMTOR team hopes to see you there!

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