ALBUMS: Toronto Label Modern Agenda Brings Home “Intercontinental Vol. 1”


Music – the universal language of the soul.

With every beat, every lyric, every arrangement, music – no matter what genre – makes you feel. You may associate feelings of happiness, or sadness, excitement or serenity. You may even associate it with a life event or a memory. At every stage of your life, on every journey, music plays an important role. Your first slow dance, your prom, your wedding, your favourite pump-up song at the gym, the song you listen to on repeat – the one that understands everything you are feeling. Music is a powerful tool that unites us.

It is a language understood by everyone, an interchange, a safe place. A place where you can flow creatively, and freely. Where every single beat, strung together fluidly, creating the perfect arrangement that makes every person in the room stop, embodied by every note.

Every song I have listened to has made me feel something, whether it was during my first breakup, Adele was on repeat, tears continually streamed down my cheek because she understood everything I felt, or it was Swedish House Mafia’s, Don’t You Worry Child that became my summer anthem. Whether I cried, slow danced, twerk’d, or fist pumped, music has been a constant passion and guidance in my life.

Music inspires and moves. Modern Agenda, Canadian underground electronic music label, has taken this to a whole new level. Becoming more worldly, Modern Agenda has proved that music is a powerful tool that unites us all on an international level. You would think, well DUH! Obviously. But it wasn’t until I had the privilege of working with Modern Agenda, that I was able to truly see what goes into making an album, Intercontinental Vol. 1.

Intercontinental Vol. 1 includes tracks from around the globe with some familiar and trusted names in the progressive house and techno realm. Edgy but melodic, each track has come to fruition in Greece, Serbia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, then mastered in Germany.

If you would like to experience music from around the globe, be sure to check out Intercontinental Vol. 1 today! Available on iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource.

Intercontinental. That’s what the underground is all about.

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