TRACK REVIEW: Perrelli & Mankoff Present: P&M Project ft. Juliet Lyons – The Other Half Of Me


Perrelli & Mankoff have been experimenting in the studio lately, presenting themselves as P&M Project. Their new release, The Other Half Of Me features Julliet Lyons. The original track is progressive house/trance, delivered at 123 BPM. The slower BPM creates a very bouncy track, and combined with the angelic vocals it is definitely a different spin from the usual P&M style. The soft guitar with bends create a very summer-inspired track, perfect for the unusual warmth being experienced during this less-than-Canadian winter. This track will be great to throw in the car with the windows rolled down.

The release also offers a remix by NoMosk, ramping the BPM right up to 138 for some serious uplifting trance. A symphony of high hats and the powerful snare that is classic to uplifting trance is coupled with the original vocals. The breakdown is done very effectively, with a ensemble of strings leading right to the buildup and release. I would love to hear the remix live at a show, especially paired with lasers scorching across the room and smoke pouring off the stage.

This is exciting content from Perrelli & Mankoff, as this duo is always very crafty. I hope to hear more content from P&M Project as the pair continue to diversify their sound even further.

You can pick up your copy of The Other Half Of Me here.


Perrelli & Mankoff




Edmund Wong – EDMTOR


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