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With six months advance notice, there should be no excuse to why you couldn’t book time off and trek out to Montreal for the best trance event of the year. Monkey BuzinezZ celebrated the first day of 2017 with a special announcement – the third edition of Trance Unity! This one go-big-or-go-home night has gained a lot of attention over the years from trance fans outside the hosting city, with people flocking in from various places around Canada and the United States. The majority of the EDM TOR team went to last year’s show and you can read our praise of it here.

Trance Unity is hosted inside CIRCUS Afterhours. Starting on Saturday, June 3rd at 9PM and ending on Sunday June 4th at noon, twenty-one local and international DJs will play for fifteen consecutive hours, each of them scheduled to play for a minimum of two. Not a single set will be recorded, nor are there any photographs or videos allowed inside the venue; you have to be there to experience it! The set times will be released closer to the date. If it is organized the same way as last year’s edition, the start times between the three rooms will be stacked, making it easier to check out each DJ without sacrificing another.

This year’s lineup is a mix of new and familiar faces. Five of them will have appeared in all three editions of Trance Unity: Sheridan Grout, Tomac, Chris Element, Ross, and Karl K-otik. Alex Di Stefano and Seven Ways were a part of TU’s debut show in 2015, and 2016 brought Ben Nicky, Mark Sherry, Dave Nadz & Leblanc, JCP, and Niles Baxter. Amongst the returning twelve performers, the sound space will be shared with nine virgin TU artists: Ben Gold, Bryan Kearney, Darren Porter, Lange, Richard Durand, 8 Wonders, Berg, Fleming & Lawrence, and Tempo Giusto.

Still not satisfied? Can’t wait six months for that trance fix? Scattered between now and June, there are three additional shows leading up to the main event: Road To Heaven, Road To Hell, and Last Day On Earth. These nights will also be spent inside CIRCUS Afterhours but not all DJs headlining these shows will be at Trance Unity. Heaven and Hell nights will cost extra, but Earth night is free to all TU ticket holders. There is a master ticket available for purchase that gains entry into all four shows for price the price of $105 (tier one currently available; tier two will charge $115).

Trance Unity tier one tickets have already sold out. Tier two currently sits at $80 and can be purchased here (the sooner the better before the pricing tier increases again). VIP upgrades are available for an additional $25 and includes: priority entrance, VIP lounge, VIP coatcheck/lockers, and behind-the-booth access. Road To Heaven and Road To Hell tickets can also be purchased at this time, as well as the master ticket for all four TU-inspired shows. Connect with other fans by joining the official Facebook Event page. EDMTOR can’t wait to see you there!

February 24th, 2017: Road To Heaven – Giuseppe Ottaviani, Orkidea, Tomac, & JCP.
March 31st, 2017: Road To Hell – Coming Soon!!!, Karl K-otik, & Ross.
April 28th, 2017: Last Day On Earth – Chris Element, Dave Nadz & Leblanc, Niles Baxter, Seven Ways, & Sheridan Grout.
June 3rd, 2017: Trance UnityHeaven Room: Ben Gold, Bryan Kearney, Darren Porter, Lange, Richard Durand, Tomac, Karl K-otik, & 8 Wonders. Hell Room: Alex Di Stefano, Ben Nicky, Berg, Fleming & Lawrence, Mark Sherry, Ross, Chris Element, & Tempo Giusto. Earth Room: Dave Nadz & Leblanc, JCP, Niles Baxter, Seven Ways, & Sheridan Grout.

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