TRACK REVIEW: Activa – Telic (John Dopping Strategy)


John Dopping has been consistently releasing high-quality trance for several years.  As expected, John strikes gold with his new remix of Activa’s Telic on Discover.  If you’re a fan of the classic trance sound, this one is for you!

Dopping’s remix sports simple, yet effective rolling bassline guaranteed to get the crowd moving.  The atmospheric pads and effects caress your ears and help propel the song forward.

During the  breakdown, John transports you to a world filled with euphoria.  I couldn’t help but smile when the melody came back in.  As the energy of the song increased, I could feel my spirits rising to new heights. John gives the melody plenty of space and time to breathe, something that isn’t as common today in trance. Although this isn’t a vocal track, there is a ton of emotion present in the track.

I love how John’s remix retains the emotional qualities of the original but still sounds fresh.  Its sparse, atmospheric nature doesn’t overwhelm the listener; instead, it invites them to go on a journey.

Dopping did a perfect job of capturing the essence of trance. I hope I’m lucky enough to hear this one the dancefloor this year.  Those of you who want to get lost in a track, be sure to check out this epic trancer from John!

Telic is currently up for pre-order and will be released May 29th, 2017.  Additionally, be sure to check out the upcoming re-release of John’s album “Words in Colour” on Discover.  Out on June 12th of this year, the album will feature unreleased club and extended mixes of the album tracks

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John Dopping


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