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Did somebody say Tech Trance?! Yes please! Sam Jones, the Swansea based DJ will be making his Toronto debut at Rapture‘s first ever event, Frequency on March 24, 2018 (check out our preview here!). We caught up with him to ask some questions in anticipation for this event – what’s sure to be a night you won’t forget.

1. You got introduced to electronic music at a very young age, and started DJing in your early teens. Was there a specific moment that you can remember thinking, “this is it, I’ve made it” as a DJ?

I’ve played some crazy shows like Transmission in Melbourne, Dreamstate SoCal, BAT Argentina etc… I certainly feel blessed and lucky to do what I do but I’ve never thought “I’ve made it.” I just keep counting my blessings that I have these opportunities to do my dream job.

2. What kind of influence does your hometown of Swansea or the UK in general have on your music?

I have a big hard dance background to be honest. I grew up listening to hard house, hardstyle and all the harder trance stuff. It had to be fast and banging. I still bring my influence through to my music today though I feel.

3. 2017 was a huge year for you – what was your personal favorite experience or success?

Personal favourites for me were making my debut at Groove in Argentina, (the best crowd in the world in one of the best clubs I’ve set foot in) and ticking Dreamstate SoCal off my “Dream” gig list was pretty special as well. That main stage was next level and something I will never forget.

4. What is your favorite thing about playing at large festivals? How about smaller, more intimate shows?

My favourite thing about playing large festivals is probably when the crowd roars. At a big scale event it sounds like a war film, you feel the vibrations rattling your rib cage and I love it. I also love smaller shows for sure. Being rammed into a sweat box/dungeon makes great memories as well because you can connect more with the clubbers.

5. You’ve said that you have always wanted to work with Simon Patterson… is there anything on the horizon that suggests that collaboration will come true? The fans would love it!

There’s nothing on the horizon, but my god how good would that be?.. The man’s a master. Untouchable and definitely one of my biggest inspirations 100%.

6. You’ve said before that your favourite trance track is Scot Project – L (Want your Love). What strikes you so much about it that it remains your favorite to this day?

L is the perfect track for me… it has everything you could ever want from any dance track. But the main thing is energy, it absolutely oozes it. Every time I hear that “iiii want youuurr” I wanna scream into strangers faces and slap myself. It will always remain my favourite track. Flawless!


7. What track have you produced that you’re most proud of, and why?

I would say “Good Love”. I get lost in it every time I play it. I feel it’s the perfect representation of everything I was about growing up learning my craft combined with everything I am today. If I wanted to explain what I’m about to somebody that didn’t know, “Good Love” is what I would show them.

8. What do you have planned next for yourself, as a DJ, producer, or otherwise?

Next for me is new music. I’ve got 4 tracks ready to shine and some great gigs lined up as well.

9. What comes to your mind when you hear the name Toronto?

Nothing but good things and I’m looking forward to experiencing it when I come over.

10. Do you have anything you’d like to specifically say to your Toronto fans?

I’m really looking forward to making my debut in March, it’s going to be insane. Thank you so much for the support and I will see you all soon! X

Also, listen to Sam’s mix made especially for the Rapture team to get you excited for his debut here in Toronto, below.

And there you have it, folks! To be honest, I also want to “scream into strangers faces and slap myself” when I hear Sam Jones’ tracks, especially Good Love (when it breaks down into the “WOO!” part…  you know what I’m talking about, and if not, check out the track below). So, grab your dancing shoes and get your ears ready for some heavy-hitting Tech Trance from Sam Jones himself – grab tickets and event information here. Just be sure to only scream into other people’s faces if it’s consensual 😉

P.S. everyone cross their fingers for a SiPat and Sam Jones collaboration! I know am.



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