EVENT PREVIEW: Trance Sessions presents Craig Connelly (Extended Set) @ ONE LOFT 21-02-20


Trance Sessions is back again making my dreams come true with another booking from my “please come back to Toronto” list. Flashback to June of 2018. The venue? The Toronto Events Centre. Outside the sun is shining, the beats are pumping, and the crowd is vibing. Walking through the doors you enter a luxe oasis of white leather couches, billowing white curtains and a giant crystal chandelier hanging down in front the stage aching for a flash of laser light to diffuse over the sea of trance-hungry ravers. This was U4RIA Trance Festival in Toronto, and this was the last time we were gifted with a euphoric uplifting set from this UK trance master. This particular club may be long since defunct, but Toronto’s intimate College West night club, One Loft, is pleased to welcome back Craig Connelly on Friday, February 21, 2020.



Known for his ethereal vocal trance masterpieces, Craig Connelly is truly a treasure in the world of uplifting trance. His uncanny ability to search out the most incredible vocal talents and pair them with beautiful swelling melodies to create chart-topping singles just aching for a singalong. Tracks such as his 2013 single with Christina Novelli,
Black Hole, or 2017’s How Can I? feat. Jessica Lawrence inspire such a deep emotional response in the listeners that they can’t help but express their joy by breaking out in song. It’s not only his vocal tracks that are flawless. He is responsible for some of the most memorable remixes in the last decade including his remix of Solarstone feat. Clare Stagg, Jewel, and Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy, The Way Back Home. His vocal tracks are so prominent that he never seems to get credit for his incredible non-vocal trance compositions. His anthem for 2019’s UnKonscious festival, Phuket, was actually one of my top tracks of 2019, though his track with Alex Holmes, Waterfall, also ranked pretty high in my standings. What are we to expect from Craig on Friday? With the promise of an extended set, it’s hard to say what he will bring to the table.  I’m absolutely hoping to hear a taste of his new collaboration with Factor B and definitely his new remix of FUTURECODE feat. Roxanne Emery Dancing In The Rain. Regardless of what he plays, I’m certain it will be a night of pure bliss and incredible euphoria. 

Support for the night will be provided by Trance Sessions resident Brian David going back-to-back with JMP. Together, they will be in charge of warming up the decks and priming the ravers for a full extended set by Craig Connelly. Doors open at 10PM and the party goes until 4:30AM. Tickets are currently in the third and final tier, priced at $25. Head to our Instagram account and enter our contest for free tickets, or go straight to the ticket link below and secure your space at the venue now! We’ve been waiting a full two years for the return of the vocal trance master Craig Connelly so don’t miss your opportunity to share this incredible journey with us!


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